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5 pillars of church life

THE MISSION of the Cherith family is to be a multiplying church, making disciples beyond the four walls of the church. We believe we are called...

  • to embody and share the Gospel of love, truth and hope with people both near and far, so that all may come to know the grace of God, receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and the abundant life that Jesus offers to all who come to him; and

  • to nurture the faith and spiritual growth of believers, encouraging them to walk in the ways of the Lord as his disciples, and live purposeful lives for God’s glory.


To this end, church life in Cherith has been organized around FIVE key areas, summed up in A.W.I.S.E.: Administration, Worship, Interactive, Sunday School and Evangelism. 


It is our hope that through A.W.I.S.E., the Cherith family will serve members and visitors of all age groups, by cultivating a life of …

  • praise and worship; 

  • prayer and seeking after God;

  • deep and lasting relationships;

  • learning from Scripture; and

  • evangelism and Gospel-witnessing, beyond the four walls of the church. 

We look forward to having you with us.  Here’s a snapshot of A.W.I.S.E.  


Do contact us for more information using the contact details or form below.


Our Worship Ministry serves to lead the community of believers at Cherith in our worship of our Sovereign Holy God, in spirit and in truth through: 

  • Worship with praise and songs;

  • Worship by hearing the Word of God;

  • Prayer;

  • Responding with offering and obedience   in following Christ our Master; and

  • Partaking in the Lord’s Supper together.


To be Christian, is to be part of God’s family, the Church. It is in fellowship with other Christians, that we are nurtured to look like Jesus, and to express our faith in relationship. Our life together strengthens us, and offers us the space to learn and grow. We never outgrow our need for community.


The Interactive Ministry exists to encourage members of the Cherith family – children, youth, young adults, adults and elderly – to share life with one another in prayer, worship, Bible study and praise, with intentional discipleship as the heart of our ministry. In doing so, we spur each other on towards spiritual growth and maturity.

Sunday school

We believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God, and it contains God’s blueprint for human life and for a purposeful and victorious life in Christ.


Hence, in the Sunday School Ministry, we have made it our goal to impart both young and old with the love and the skills for the study of God’s Word, through Bible stories, expounding on Books of the Bible and Topical Bible Study.


It is our hope that in the Cherith family, we will not simply learn from God’s Word – his Word will also transform us, as we seek to apply in our lives, all that he has instructed us in Scripture.


We are called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to all nations. The Great Commission is at the core of our Evangelism Ministry.


Our ministry initiates and drives mission outreach locally as well as overseas including Northern Thailand, Cambodia and many other parts of South-East Asia. It is our heart’s desire, to bring the Good News to the unreached, the underprivileged and the marginalised in society, while working with them to bring the goodness of the Good News to them in real and tangible ways appropriate to their cultural context, e.g. through education, orphanages and drug rehabilitation center support.


Our Administration Ministry supports the other four key areas of church life (W.I.S.E. Worship, Interactive, Sunday School and Evangelism) and the overall operations of the church.


This includes finance, logistics, recreation, visitation, secretarial and other administrative functions. 


We are the general liaison office for the church working closely with the Pastors and the Church Leaders.

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