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THE CHERITH STORY began with the Lord’s call to Mr & Mrs Maak Hay Chun. Having arrived in Singapore from Hong Kong in 1953, they sensed the Lord directing them to evangelize the Cantonese-speaking community in the Serangoon Gardens estate. Working alongside Auris Pender and Lydia Greene, Serangoon Gardens Baptist Chapel had her first meeting – a prayer meeting – on 3rd July 1955.

Ministry expanded and took the form of Vacation Bible School (VBS), Sunday School classes, Sunday services, and Bible study groups. Our founding was made official on 29th June 1958. Mr Maak was ordained by the Cherith family, and served as our very first pastor until he would leave for further studies in 1961.

Our humble beginnings have not hampered us from casting our vision beyond our walls and our shores. Cherith would go on to plant two daughter churches: Eternal Life Baptist Church (1959), and Shelter Baptist Church (1985). In the area of overseas missions, we are grateful to partner the Lord on two mission fields: in Northern Thailand (1993) and in Cambodia (2012).

As we approached the end of six decades of ministry, we had the privilege of recounting the Lord’s faithfulness to us at our 60th Anniversary Dinner held on 30th June 2018. It was an evening of reminiscing our rich history, rekindling relationships, and rejoicing in God’s blessings and grace.

What makes Cherith Baptist Church special has always been the people who enter the Cherith story and make Cherith their spiritual home – a home to weather the storms of life together, and a home where we live, grow and serve together as the people of God, for God’s glory alone. We invite you to come join us and be a part of the Cherith story!

our pastorS
Rev. Kwan Kin Seng

Coordinating Pastor and

English Language Service Pastor

Rev. Wilson Yeo

Chinese Language Service Pastor

Pr. Leonard Tai
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